Instructions for use Bioretin

Cream mask how to use?

Bioretin,instructions for use

For best effect, it is sufficient to perform a simple program of action:

  • Daily apply to clean skin, face, neck, decollete.
  • Massage the area of application. Massage to the light, the fingertips and along the leading lines.
  • You can use the product twice daily application, as well as a base makeup and as a night recovery.

Since the natural composition of the cream in combination with any cosmetic cleaning.

Indications and contraindications:

The composition of the cream-mask Bioretin it contains only environmentally-friendly materials that are safe when applied topically. The exception is the individual intolerance of the individual components by individual consumers, but this is very rare. The drug can be used by anyone who wants to improve the condition of the skin, and prevent aging.

Instructions for use:

New mask anti-wrinkle Bioretin cream for external use. Place a small amount of entire face except sensitive zones, such as areas near the eyes. The skin in these areas is thin, able to pick up the appropriate amount at the expense of neighboring parcels, covered with a cream mask. Balm is easily absorbed, it is not necessary to remove it. Balanced composition of the most cases does not cause allergic reactions, you can apply every day after washing, morning or night. The first effects are noticeable after a week of daily use. Detailed information about the product, you can get the official website in Switzerland.