Skin rejuvenation at home

Skin rejuvenation girl at home

Masks, special massages and anti-aging organic cosmetics are things any woman can afford to keep skin firm and smooth. Natural masks and organic products maintain skin's moisture, saturate with beneficial substances and help with collagen production.

Cosmetologists recommend that you start using anti-aging cosmetics for rejuvenation from 30 years old. And in the pursuit of youth, women are sometimes ready for costly procedures or even surgery. But why take harsh measures if you can fight wrinkles on your own - apply natural masks and perform simple exercises.

Why are homemade masks so effective

Smooth, healthy and firm facial skin is the wealth and pride of any woman. But every year, preserving natural beauty becomes more and more difficult, besides, external factors also affect the condition of the skin. Problem ecology, stress, bad habits, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep - all these and more negatively affect the body and lead to premature appearance of folds. wrinkled.

Facial rejuvenation at home is not as expensive as salon treatments. In addition, without wasting time going to beauty, any housewife can find ingredients to apply the mask. Just like anti-aging cosmetics, homemade masks include only natural products that help skin maintain its natural beauty. So, by taking care of your face's youthfulness on your own, you can be absolutely sure that the ingredients are eco-friendly and contain no harmful substances.

Recipes for masks and rejuvenation procedures

For facial rejuvenation, there are many effective folk formulas, one can say from your breasts. There are both simple formulations of one or two products and multi-ingredient blends formulated in multiple stages. We will look at the most popular ones. Also, do not forget to clean your face in front of cosmetics and skin secretions.

Olive oil mask

This mixture has a good muscle lifting effect: it nourishes and tightens the skin. In 1 st. l. Add 5-7 drops of lemon juice to olive oil. Beat the egg yolks until foamy, add butter and lemon to mix. We put all of this on our face, rinse it off with warm water after 20 minutes.

Olive oil for skin tightening and wrinkles

Olive oil with honey restores skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and gives it a natural youthful look. To do this, mix one tablespoon of molten honey in a water bath with the yolks and 1 tablespoon. l. olive oil. Apply mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and lather.

Aloe mask with many ingredients

Aloe juice as part of a rejuvenating mask

Mix in 1 teaspoon. Aloe juice, honey, lemon juice and medicinal glycerin, add egg yolks and ½ teaspoon each. vitamin A and E oils (available in pharmacies). All of this is mixed and applied to the skin for 20 minutes. Use a moisturizer or anti-aging cream after the procedure.

Rejuvenating milk mask

Honey with milk to nourish and tighten the skin

The milk mask is suitable for all skin types, but this formula won't work if there are dilated blood vessels on the face. To prepare the mixture, mix 1 part warm milk and 3 parts honey. We put a mask on our face, after 10 minutes we wash off the residue that hasn't been absorbed. This mask perfectly nourishes, tightens and gives the skin a youthful look.

Rejuvenating Japanese shiatsu massage

The shiatsu massage technique is based on the spot effect, and just 5-7 minutes a day is enough. There are certain spots on the face, with pressure triggering the collagen release, and wrinkles are gradually smoothed out.

Placement of facial spots for shiatsu massage

Location of shiatsu massage points:

  1. Parallel on the forehead, starting at the level of the inner edge of the brow. Gradually move to the temples.
  2. Along and under the eyebrows. The middle point corresponds to the middle of the eyebrow.
  3. In the "third eye" area.
  4. The outer and inner corners of the eyelids, as well as under the lower eyelids.
  5. On either side of the nasal fold.
  6. Two wings of the nose.
  7. At the corner of the lips and in the middle of the upper lip.
  8. Chin hollow.

Use gentle but sensible pressure on these points. 3-5 seconds is enough for lactic acid to disappear in skin cells and be replaced by glycogen. The effectiveness of massage will be enhanced if anti-aging cosmetics are applied on the rejuvenating points.

Stone for rejuvenation

For cosmetic purposes, facial stones are used in the desire that as a result of the massage, the temperature of the skin decreases and the blood vessels narrow. Therefore, after the blood vessels dilate, blood will circulate more strongly, helping to gradually rejuvenate. If you use ice every day, the results will be satisfied for a month: your skin will look youthful, naturally bright, and wrinkles will fade.

Mint stone rejuvenates the skin

You can also freeze chamomile, parsley, mint or berry juice, depending on your skin type.

Do not rush to lie on the operating table and then make uncomfortable wrinkles. Try out these folk recipes so you can have an anti-aging effect from the inside!