Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes: the best method

Method of rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

Age-related changes are very noticeable in the eye area. The first signs of such changes appear: wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, bags and puffiness, hernias of lower and upper eyelids, dark circles under the eyes.

Usually these problems are interconnected. It all begins with a decrease in skin elasticity and a blockage of microchips in the eye area. As soon as the skin loses its elasticity, it starts to slip. As a result, the contour between the cheeks and the orbit shifts downward, and the eye starts to look older due to the fact that soft tissues do not cover the lower edges of the orbit. At the first sign of anti-aging changes, action is needed immediately, as if the skin is drastically changed, it can only be corrected with surgery.

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes begins with restoring elasticity, activating cell metabolism and strengthening the muscle frame. There is no single common methodology. As a rule, cosmetologists choose individual rejuvenation methods, based on skin type and existing problems.

Problem 1. Wrinkles around the eyes

Botulinum toxin injection helps to smooth wrinkles around the eyes. This is a quick procedure that needs to be done once. Results become noticeable after a few days - after 2-14 days. The effect lasts up to eight months. If you are prone to swelling, then before such an procedure, it is necessary to conduct a hardware aesthetic course to remove the edema. To improve the circulation of lymph and blood, you should undergo an intermediate course of treatment.

Finding a good master is very important. Creases have to be correctly removed so that they do not appear elsewhere. Also, it is important to give the eyebrows an accurate and beautiful position, keeping facial expressions. To do this, you must choose the correct referral point. The commonly used complementary methods are, for example, hardware aesthetics.

Problem 2. Skin loss of elasticity and pigmentation

Combination therapies help increase skin elasticity, fade fine wrinkles and remove pigmentation: mesotherapy, chemical peeling, biological skin regeneration. Mesotherapy differs from the biological method only in the drugs used. In the second method, hyaluronic acid with large molecules is injected, thanks to which it stays under the skin longer and has a longer rejuvenating effect.

The bio-resuscitation was performed one week later. For optimal results, it is best to perform four peels and four rebuilds. In this case, it is very important to rotate them together over a period of one week.

To rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, it is very important to use only preparations specifically designed for this area. This will not only increase the effectiveness of the procedures, but also make them as physiological as possible. Today, one of the best preparations for biofeedback is hyaluronic acid based preparations, specially designed for delicate areas of the skin. After that, swelling rarely occurs, which is very important. The drug is injected in large doses, so the skin is less prone to damage.

Problem 3. "Pocket" under the eyes, puffiness

Dark circles under the eyes are common in many women. They sometimes occur due to normal fatigue and lack of sleep, but they go away on their own. And sometimes they show up as the result of age-related changes. To get rid of this problem, cosmetologists recommend performing a hardware massage. Should be combined with microcurrent therapy to remove congestion and strengthen skin. The results are noticeable after two to three procedures. However, to achieve lasting results, it takes ten to fifteen processes. The interval between procedures should be an average of two days. The complicated process of microcurrents and hardware massages is very comfortable and takes less than an hour.

Problem 4. Nasopharyngeal groove

This age-related change is commonplace - a groove that runs from the inner corner of the eye oblique the cheek. It occurs due to sagging of the skin downwards and shifts with age. You can remove it with collagen gel and hyaluronic acid. This procedure is very effective. The nasolabial groove is filled with and rejuvenated the face from 5 to 10 years. The procedure is almost painless and quick. Results are saved for up to one year.

Problem 5. Herniation of the upper and lower eyelids

There are two ways to fix this problem. If the problem is not too obvious, then it is covered with collagen gel and hyaluronic acid. If the problem is clearly detected, then the herniated mass can only be removed with plastic surgery - tear duct imaging. If it was decided to use cosmetic surgery, then it is necessary to prepare it. First you need to do therapeutic training using cosmetic techniques. This not only helps to reduce the risk of complications, but also improves wound healing in the postoperative period.

Problem 6. Dark circles under the eyes

The best treatment for dark circles under the eyes is ozone-oxygen therapy. It is best to go through seven to fifteen procedures. This process helps to improve the elasticity of the eye skin, rejuvenate the face, then the eyes are clear and bright. By the way, cosmetologists recommend doing this procedure from time to time for all girls of all ages, especially for those who are less active outdoors or smoke.

Many women only turn to beauty when the age-related changes are evident. However, the more they appear, the harder it is to get rid of them. In severe cases, only cosmetic surgery is appropriate. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand that the earlier you start seeing a cosmetologist the better. Today science is not standing still. And a variety of cosmetic procedures have been developed for skin rejuvenation. Need to consult a cosmetologist regularly from the age of 25. He will develop your own anti-aging program. When developing such a program, the cosmetologist must take into account the anatomical features of the facial structure. After all, each girl has her own problems: some have bags and dark circles under their eyes, some have a hernia, some have crow's feet.

An experienced esthetician can instantly identify all of your problems. Therefore, always look for a good specialist.