The preparation of masks at home

To look young, attractive, regardless of age — every woman's dream. There are several ways to keep your skin fresh, supple. Some regularly visited the beautician and spending a fortune on hardware procedures, as well as injection miracle drug. Someone decides to care, to look alone. If you decide that home care is able to effectively program the beauty and give the result not worse than the complex manipulation of the cabin.

rejuvenation using masks

Causes aging of the skin

With age, the skin cells are disturbed hydro-lipid balance. That is what leads to the appearance of face wrinkles, sagging skin. Properly hydrated skin is dry, flabby, lose tone up. The young people, there is no such problem — the natural lipid barrier to prevent moisture evaporation, but gradually collapse and open the way for the age change.

Therefore, the mature age need extra care, which is designed primarily to skin hydration. To restore elasticity, and improves the sound, you need to regularly replace the fluid. Unfortunately, it's not enough to just drink lots of water — hydration is necessary, inside and out. But first of all, the skin needs to be prepared.

Skin cleaning home

All procedures facial rejuvenation can be performed only on the well cleansed skin. The excess sebum, dead skin cells, makeup, and dust should be carefully removed. This allows any cleaning to you.

Cleaning procedures can be added to the steam bath improves blood circulation, which beneficially affect the face, complete your skin tone. In addition, it opens the pores so the hair can easily get into deep layers of the epidermis.

Steam baths can be easily done at home. If you add water to the herbs, then it may be that the effect — lightens the skin, helps to fight inflammation, even skin tone.

Homemade scrubs and face masks

Exfoliation is necessary, a deep cleaning of the skin. This allows you to gently removes the dead skin cells from the skin surface is smooth, the texture.

Basic home peels you can get at the store or make your own. Most often, the basics of the rind is used coffee grounds or oatmeal. Ground coffee beans more aggressive, flakes, suitable for even sensitive skin. Oat peeling is a very soft Shoe, which simultaneously fights inflammation and has a calming effect.

After deep cleaning the face is necessary to apply nourishing mask. The best, if you will, which is the natural oil (almond, apricot, olive, etc.). The vitamin E they contain helps the good cells regeneration and slows the aging process.

Homemade facial mask with olive oil

To the mixture, 1 egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, a few drops of lemon juice, add 5-10 drops of olive oil. The resulting mask is applied to the face and neck after peeling, and after 15 minutes wash it off with warm water.

After those procedures, which are helpful to the light massage, for example, a few minutes of stroking, or touching the face, a massage lines, moving from the bottom up. This will activate the blood circulation, improves skin tone and prevents appearance of mimic wrinkles.

What you need to protect your skin

The main enemy of female beauty — ultra-violet. The sun's rays dry skin, regular sun exposure (including Tanning beds) can cause premature aging, wrinkles. Don't overdo the UV-radiation and always use a sunscreen.

The appearance reflects the inner state of the organism. Fatigue, irritation, tension have destructive effect on the work of all organs and systems, sooner or later, affect the condition of the skin.

Try to maintain the balance, avoid stress, get plenty of rest and rest. And if you feel that the pace of life is too boring, take a break, spend a day in nature, or at least drink a soothing herbal tea with Melissa.

A balanced diet

Anti-aging treatments are beneficial if your skin is not getting enough nutrients from the inside. The diet should include a lot of fiber (removes toxins, normalizes the digestive system), vitamins (provides the body essential antioxidant nutrients) and proteins (the building blocks of cells).

Eliminate greasy, sweet — these products are not used. This diet is the skin always young and beautiful.

mask of the hand

Advantage, but also dangerous skin care

Homemade mask or scrub, of course, you may be safe, but it is not always possible to prepare the products yourself. In this case, you can buy them in the store. The most important thing is to carefully read the composition and choose products that do not contain harmful substances.

Not to be confused with the cosmetic products, the main components that figure out what they're rather useful than harmful.


To this class of compounds includes many substances. Often you can see the packaging names such as cyclomethicone, Dimethicone. The silicones different composition, which often serve as the basis for the production of moisturizing creams. Means that on the basis of the silicone oil applied is better if you don't leave greasy, highly moisturizing. In addition, there is a lifting effect: after which the skin looks smoother and stronger.


  • silicones are hypoallergenic, can be used for sensitive, easily irritated skin;
  • creates a protective layer that protects the face, exposure to cold, wind, UV radiation;
  • remove peeling, accelerates the healing of wounds, it is recommended that the different dermatitis.


  • you can't use people who are prone to asthma;
  • the prolonged use of silicones to disrupt the natural defense function of the skin.

Emulsifiers, viscosity regulators, surfactant

Emulsifiers and viscosity regulators include additional materials to the required consistency, not a liquid, or, conversely, not too thick. Surface-active substances (tenzid) which is often used in cleaners — they are responsible for the foam or gel good remove excess oil and impurities from the surface of the skin.


  • without surfactant, it would be impossible to clean the skin, because the water associated with particles of fat;
  • a viscosity regulators, enhance the moisturizing properties of the product, for example, fatty alcohols.


  • regulators, on the basis of the conventional denatured alcohol may cause drying of the skin;
  • too many aggressive surface-active substances can be used on the skin, which leads to the destruction of the immune system.

Ingredients special measures

These include the components to perform the basic functions. This is glycerol, propylene glycol, urea, ceramides, various vitamins and other substances. Each has its own effect, often to assess the effectiveness only after using the tool.

Depending on how much you can, because the individual reaction of the organism, so every device need to have the pre-test. For example, place a small amount of cream on the crease of the elbow on the inner side, and then wait a few minutes. If you have irritation or burning sensation, then this tool is not for you.

A common disadvantage of cosmetics "special purpose" that contains very little active ingredients. Even if the label says to before moisturizer, most likely, themselves moisturizing ingredients, it's no more than 10-15%. This does not apply to the professional cosmetics, which is a stronger action (but that's a lot of trouble with the use).

Dyes, preservatives, fragrances

Don't listen to the producers when they say that the cosmetics do not contain preservatives. No money spoiled within a few days. But if you use the cream for at least a month, then you probably have preservatives. In most cases, it doesn't matter regardless of natural or artificial materials. The number of cosmetic products is so small (less than 0.5%), to have a significant effect on the skin, do not have.

Fans of natural, bio-cosmetics will never buy a cream or lotion, which is paraben, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or Phenoxyethanol. However, the real reason to fear these materials will not. It's more of a fashion than basic needs.

Dyes, fragrances to cosmetics looked and felt attractive. Here is about the individual sensitivity to the components. Some may cause allergic reactions, so any makeup before use, to be tested.

Every woman, regardless of financial status, as well as the professional knowledge, can be a wonderful beautician you are. Simply select the appropriate procedures, effective beauty remedies for every season of the year. And, of course, regularly use them.