Treatment, face rejuvenation: how to select, how to prepare

Preservation of the young guys a lot of methods. The procedures for facial rejuvenation is performed in a special mint tools, and a injections, and surgical procedures. But not all women are company plastic. Look at young, attractive want to all. In this case, come to the aid of a less radical methods, which are described in more detail below.

the procedure of rejuvenation

Indications to rejuvenate the face procedures

At the age of approximately 30 years, the women displayed the first signs that aging of the skin. Primarily this is the reason to decrease the production of cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. During an action, a skin looks like, we'll find him hydrated. Get a collagen, elastin supports the skin, prevent sagging. Reduces subcutaneous fat layer, the tissue regeneration is slower, there is a blockage of blood vessels. Thereby reducing the saturation of the skin with oxygen and nutrients. Add to that a hormonal imbalance is the period of the cessation of the menstrual cycle.

Common signs of down:

  • hovering over the contours of the face;
  • sagging and wrinkles of the skin;
  • the folds of the neck, the face, swelling of the eyelids;
  • the wrinkles associated with facial expressions, as well as more pronounced;
  • pigmentation, visible spider veins;
  • an unnatural color of the face, loose skin.

Types of procedures, facial rejuvenation

In the Arsenal of cosmetic clinics offer a wide variety of effective procedures for facial rejuvenation. You can choose the most optimal and affordable. It is very popular among women enjoy cleaning, hardware and injection methods, massage techniques.



Based peeling removal of the upper layer of the skin, the skin. Cause it removes the old cells faster healing time. The skin is smooth, tight, elastic. Given the bought nature of the problems, peels are divided into the following types:

  1. re-released, a the. This method significantly reduces visible skin blemishes, it affects the connective tissue fibers;
  2. peels the. Light rays fall surface a layer of the skin. The advantage of this method is the exact depth of up to 1 µm;
  3. microdermabrasion — manipulation, which is based on the action of a mechanical device, using the small crystals. I suggest This method at a very early stage, when only began to appear the first symptoms of skin aging.

Some procedures can be performed at home independently, and some special clinics. A degree of spreading, peels, or:

  1. deep;
  2. middle;
  3. interface.

Depending on a problem, a beautician selects one or the other.

Kertonegoro peeling

correction quality skin

Procedure, which affects the upper layer of the skin. Recommended for those who have visible skin blemishes: acne, the blockage of blood vessels, seborrhea. A peeling is carried out with the use of additional information, and recommended products acids, vitamins and plant extracts. Furthermore, this type of peeling is struggling with pigment spots and prevent the disease processes that can occur in the hair follicles.

Chemical peels

A process of the face, the face is processed as a useful acid solutions. Skin burning natural acid composition is displayed in micro trauma. But don't worry, it's a process control. The outcome of the procedure is That the regeneration of the cells and increases the production of collagen, elastin, oxygen and nutrients faster to arrive, a sufficient quantity. Pores clear, narrowed, the wrinkles disappear, the skin is flattened. Depending on the age and the bought nature of the errors, the specialist you pick a treatment solution to peeling:

  1. Superficial peeling is used if a patient has few or no wrinkles.
  2. Median type of peeling used in the presence of facial wrinkles.
  3. The age spots, pronounced wrinkles, a capillary network is used, the middle and deep peels.
  4. Serious age-related irregularities, folds can be eliminated thoroughly only way to impact.

Less radical procedure, a light version of a laser peel, if exposed to the rays is removed from the skin imperfections, traces of post acne, pigmentation, wrinkles my.

The microdermabrasion


Cosmetic procedure, facial rejuvenation, which combines an elimination of the dead skin cells and a vacuum massage. Re-released in the skin layer occurs under the action of crystals of diamond, aluminum or corundum particles. Thank you for the massage, the skin is cleansed, and then back. The microdermabrasion is recommended signs of fatigue persons. He to cope with comedones, acne, oily skin, remove after for acne scars, wrinkles. A person acquires a healthy color.

Injection techniques

Salon treatment, facial rejuvenation contain the active substances. Indicates The results more sustainable, long-lasting. Such methods are used, when an injection manipulations will not bring the desired effect.


This is the purpose of the method, refreshing, rejuvenation of the skin. Biorevitalizatsiya, the hyaluronic acid, which eliminates wrinkles, lifts the eyelids, removes puffiness, improves the skin's elasticity. The main advantage of this method is immediate and lasting effect.


Face-this is an effective method way to retain the young people. A problem area on the face applied to individually selected mixture of minerals, vitamins, acids, extracts from a herbs. A drug injection with thin needles the calculated dose. To maintain the effect of mesotherapy is considered necessary to carry out a course of 4 to 10 procedures. Thanks to this process, fade scars, traces of acne, excessive pigmentation, the skin is smooth, hydrated.


hardware rejuvenation

With the help of a Botox injection cleaning, not just the wrinkles, but also tightened up the contour of the face. Only two injections, then forget the overhang of a century, bulldog face, a double chin. Thank you for the botulinum toxin, which is part of the injection, the wrinkles on his forehead, the veins around the eyes, straightened the area, glabellar, nasolabial folds smoothed, raise the corner of the mouth. Botox is a great way to deal with the capillary blood vessels. The drug is already visible a week after injection.


This procedure involves the introduction of the skin's own bio-plasma. The patient is a special blood structure enriched with platelets. Ezek the injections stimulate the cells of the skin, allowing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid is produced faster. So a van rejuvenating face. Moreover, PRP, big fights wrinkles, dryness, sagging skin, strengthens the turgor. The effect of the duration of hat art.

Non-surgical facelift is a fillers

Cosmetic fillers or injectable fillers, a under the skin or given by injection, filling the volume of the lost areas of the face. Due to this, a loop is tightened, the skin becomes elastic. A heart, a "recording" — hyaluronic acid. An external effect can be observed for quite a long time. Fillers eliminate wrinkles, nourishes the skin with the necessary nutrients. Experts recommend the use of ezek the injections, and the patients with asymmetry of the face.

Spr therapy

This is a method where the composition includes injecting a patient's own cells — fibroblasts. Ezek a cells manufacturers, a collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which is the guard of the youth. The main role of the fibroblasts in the renewal, the regeneration, the connective tissue. A number of functionally active fibroblasts depends on the condition of the skin. Spr therapy effectively removes the translated signs. But the problem is the strong drooping of the facial muscles, this method doesn't solve.

injectable rejuvenation

Hardware procedures for face rejuvenation

Cosmetic procedures facial rejuvenation can be done with a special equipment. Youth of the skin depends on the amount of a collagen. With age, the synthesis of this material reduces. Come to the aid of the hardware methods to increase the production of collagen. This is achieved, low frequency currents, ultrasound, laser treatment. As a result, such procedures dead cells fall off, to decrease the subcutaneous fat. Such a cosmetic surgery, or not causing pain, can be used in conjunction with other body procedures.

Ultrasonic cleaning

ULTRASONIC exfoliation combines a mechanical cleaning, and massage. With the help of a special device professional pain-free cleaning of the cells, which contributes to the freshness and youth of the face. Other Devices to ultrasonic cleaning by the power of the waves and the exposure level. But, mind, in addition to the main function. in addition, it hydrates your skin, because during a peeling produces steam, which penetrates the skin.

The rejuvenation

The procedure for face rejuvenation the affects the upper, middle layer. With the help of a increase the production of collagen and elastin. Thank you for such manipulations to reduce wrinkles, the skin elastic, evens the tone and the facial contour. The power of a the impact of vocational choice on the basis of individual patient characteristics. Noteworthy Is The result, after the first visit, but an effect lasting, you need to, of course, a 3-5 treatment. Nonperforated, the newest procedure for face rejuvenation. The skin will give a stronger heat treatment with the laser. Such manipulations cosmetology have special knowledge, skills, otherwise it can damage the skin. Fractional rejuvenation starts metabolic processes, normalizes a movement, a blood, lymph, stimulates the regeneration of the cells.

filer to rejuvenation

Radio lifting

Suitable for This method in patients between 25 and 55 years. Under the influence of the radio waves, they start a process of rejuvenation. The thermal energy causes the muscles to be faster is a contract, so the production of collagen and increase cell renewal. Radio frequency lifting, fight sagging skin, tightens the loop, removes the wrinkles, scars, after the rash. The skin may be red after a manipulation, but you are going through, 15-20 minutes.

Treatment with micro-currents

A method means the effect on the skin small power low frequency. This procedure is not normal leads to muscles, blood vessels, accelerates the metabolic processes in the tissues. Therapy currents may be applied not only on the face, but also a test. Perfectly fights fatty deposits in the stomach, eliminate cellulite in the buttocks and the thighs. Face wrinkles are gone. Microcurrent treatment tightens the muscles, including the chest, removes the puffiness, restores elasticity in the skin, after surgery.

Photo rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation — this is an excellent treatment for the face, after 40 years. Many small wrinkles, pigment spots, rosacea — all the signs of a photoaging. A special tool to Help the light penetrate a skin. If you are sick of the excessive pigmentation, the light destroys vascular stars a melanin — hemoglobin. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, healthy color. Photo rejuvenation does not cause discomfort, it is necessary healing time, the patient can do normal things.

Ozone therapy

A method can be applied to the skin under the ozone, which increases blood flow, as well as a increase the production of collagen and elastin. If you are sick of hair loss, scars, scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, in particular, the ozone therapy is indicated for. The therapy will help you cope with this problem, as the redness is due to face temperature difference or stress. Procedure perfectly tightens the skin, saturated fatty acids, a moisture.


Massage, stimulation

Using them techniques, minty massage, facial exercises, can significantly reduce the translated signs.

Muscle toning

Electric current acting on the skin, causes the muscles to contract faster, which stimulates the metabolism, accelerates blood flow. The nutrients are transported faster to the cells, the skin becomes elastic, wrinkles disappear. An effective results you need to perform a stimulation rate of 15 procedures. An external positive manifestation of noticeable the 5 session. The procedure face rejuvenation this method is recommended for women after 35 years.


This technique is known as an effective way to fight cellulite. But a modern cosmetology, and applies it to solve the problems in the neck area, décolleté face. This is a special massage techniques that are usually done manually, but since the face skin is thinner, softer, in order to fight wrinkles using the camera's interchangeable nozzles. Lpg-massage is drooping it is recommended that the face fabric, the second to the chin. Her face tightened, let her puffiness, smooths wrinkles. After a massage, marked redness of the face, but usually after a day it goes away.

Other effective treatments. Elos-rejuvenation


This method is similar to the procedure laser face rejuvenation. The skin mind affects the light and a high-frequency power. As a result, the facial features are drawn, wrinkles become less noticeable. A stable result of the Elos-rejuvenation is required to pass. All contraindications, this is not a technique.


For those who are not willing to a surgeon's knife, it is an effective method of exchange. The skin under the strings of a gel on the basis of polycaprolactone and hyaluronic acid. Ezek a fiber texture for a rough, they are continuously mounted in the tissues, and not get out. The fibres form a clear contour of face. Within a form based on, which eventually included its own collagen, which is a lasting tightening, then, if the filament has broken.

Masks of renewal

The most popular and demanded cosmetic procedure. The clean skin, used for medicinal preparations. The most useful mask to fight the there are translated signs, alginates. The masks necessary to be a course. The results of the procedure:

  1. fresh complexion;
  2. a narrowing of the pores;
  3. less noticeable spots;
  4. hydration and nutrition of the skin, including the drying, if necessary;
  5. a little wrinkles are gone;
  6. reduce the swelling;
  7. the cells saturated with oxygen;
  8. the collagen is produced faster.
  9. The cryotherapy.

During the procedure, the skin is exposed to a about the cold. The results from the cold aktiviziruyutsya recovery process, but a dead of keratinized cells are destroyed. Cryotherapy successfully combat wrinkles, dilated capillaries, and the healthy complexion, well-maintained. Furthermore, this method is recommended for those who have made a ban for the skin treatment.

How to select a procedure facial rejuvenation

the face fillers

Before you decide to gave me a method, ask a professional, who will determine the condition of the skin, the bought nature of the problems, and identify contraindications. Beautician advice fog to give you the most efficient procedure, since the age and the health of the patient. Woman Always have their own ways of dealing with a age-related changes. But it is important the consistency, frequency. To Understand what procedures to rejuvenate face use, which appeal to you, you have to experience 2-3 method. Ask for advice, as a beautician and dermatologist. The experts, a comprehensive analysis of the skin condition, reveal defects, will prescribe a high treatment or professional care.

The different pecs or propeller modern clinics, it is difficult to get lost it's easy to get confused, so only an experienced doctor will help in the selection. In the first place, a effectiveness of injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox. The results are immediately visible. The effect is not a mesotherapy they are also fast. The main thing— correctly to pick up a prescription. Hardware methods are popular, for example, a younger, Lpg-massage, photo rejuvenation, ozone therapy. The opinions of those who have used different procedures for facial rejuvenation, sometimes contradict each other.

For example, a desired effect is a laser technology Elos-rejuvenation depends on the skin condition, the individual patient's characteristics but also the literacy cosmetology. Women after 40 years, unanimously declare that this is the most effective procedure in the age of Botox injection. These procedures are the rows of the first rank for a long time. But the variety of cleaning, including chemical, better, to the earliest age-related manifestations.

Don't forget that at home to continue care of the skin of the youth. It is recommended That a mask made from natural raw materials, and a pharmacy cosmetics. But in the latter case, only to offer an expert, which corresponds to a drug in a skin. I don't there's always something very expensive, effectively. A question, skin care face worth to trust a professional proven.

Preparation, contraindications, and possible complications after the procedure, facial rejuvenation

Home care, it's just that the clean face. But if you are going to the procedure in a salon, the beautician shall be held to some measures:

  • refrain from the drug that to or thin the blood anti-inflammatory effect;
  • stop Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • I don't sunbathe.

It's better if you don't ignore the advice, because the result can be negative. A salon care facial rejuvenation? Contraindications determined by the specialist after the doctor examined history. This could be:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, liver;
  • associated with diseases of immune system;
  • diseases of the blood (poor clotting);
  • the thyroid problems;
  • the to that or the antibiotics medications thin the blood;
  • infectious diseases (even then, ARI);
  • diseases of the skin, spots, scars (only after the expert's advice);
  • Oncology, large moles, warts, of unknown origin;
  • associated with diseases of the nervous system.

Pregnant women are not recommended to perform cosmetic salon treatments, the medicines as under the skin or given by injection, and the blood. Every medical procedure has a risk of a negative effects: facial asymmetry, loss of feeling, numbness. So, before you decide on a salon procedure, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the state of health, consult an experienced professional. If there are Any problems (infection with subsequent swelling) cosmetic interventions after, do not rush to blame the doctor. Maybe you don't think a rules, regulations.