Laser face rejuvenation as a way to restore the skin

To revitalize skin or eliminate the signs of photoaging, one of the youth apply to the face, a test of other parts. The procedure refers to a safe, reliable plastic beauty give the desired result. A patient will Be a surprise, and the price of the return, much lower than other methods of cosmetic effect on the skin.

laser skin rejuvenation

What is the procedure for laser skin rejuvenation?

Skin, year after year lose their elasticity, covered with wrinkles, folds, a color will be pale, a surface is displayed, repulsive-looking spots.

At first, barely noticeable wrinkles (most commonly one eye) begin to appear closer to thirty years after forty, as the loss of turgor of the skin, they go deep to the skin, an attractive network. This is often a condition affecting women who don't want to quick a age.

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Under the influence of the laser beam to a combustion in the upper layer of the skin that have lost elasticity of the cells and triggering the accelerated production of a collagen, elastin surrounding living cells.

  • The regeneration of a structural elements of the skin occurs, they're the only areas exposed to the laser beams. A adjacent areas of the skin remain intact.
  • In this process, a significant rejuvenation of the skin, a disappearance of small and medium wrinkles and restore facial contours.

Innovation is a DOT-rejuvenation

DOT-rejuvenation is a new, modern cosmetic methods, using the latest technology. This highly efficient procedure is carried out in a progressive cosmetic centers and clinics of plastic surgery.

In that case, if a POINT is laser skin rejuvenation for a used effect of carbon dioxide in the a special wavelength. Via the fractionation of the light to the deeper layers of the skin:

  • the restoration of the lymphatic flow and blood flow;
  • increases the production of elastin and collagen;
  • enhance the regeneration of the connective tissue;
  • an in increase the skin turgor;
  • the absorption, age spots, spider veins, and knotted joints.

When a DOT-rejuvenating device affects the skin gently, you can carry out the rejuvenating procedure, eyelid, neck and décolleté. Skin sensitivity, pain threshold force sensors and the device depends on the feeling of intensity during a session. While rejuvenating manipulations the patients feel comfortable, are encouraged to 1 apply the methods of local anesthesia in the place where you are, provided, to affect a the.

DOT procedure gives a positive result gradually. The first is that the patient doesn't know that the consequences are aware of, because there is the swelling, redness of the skin. After 14 days Only you will see optimal effects.

Type of laser peel

Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to surgical facelift. Laser peel can be multiple.

  • Interface purpose of the processing, the strain of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin).

A superficial peels almost immediately smoothes uneven skin texture, get rid of an ugly age spots.

These types of procedures is considered to be the skin resurfacing (all types), and fractional rejuvenation of the face (the vast majority of a species).

Surface exfoliation is a fairly drastic intervention. Full recovery after the skin happens a week or two.

  • The median. It's a type of peel can remove dead skin cells located in the bottom (basal) layer of the epidermis.

Area exposure shell of medium mind the same problem areas of the skin of the face, neck, hands, decollete. This law wrinkles of varying severity, to achieve a smooth keloid, scars, stretch marks, removes superficial scars, acne after you left, warts, papillomas, significantly evens the complexion, helps to eliminate the point of the spots.

  1. Median peeling can be performed by the fractionation method in which irradiation of the skin common grid is a the produced by different lasers: CO2, erbium, and neodymium. Advantages, disadvantages of each due to the different wavelengths, a method, procedure, as well as the different depth of penetration in a tissue. Absolute advantage over other types of laser there is no camera.
  2. There is a fundamentally different method for the implementation of medium peel: the so-called laser dermatological. What is this?

During the procedure, a return of this type with beams re-production of the skin receives a large amount of extra energy that the formation of micro-explosions followed by the evaporation is inevitable the tissue under a the exposure. The returning is performed erbium and CO2-the.

  • Deep. The most effective method is a deep in the shell of the procedures, which are often called "non-surgical facelift": this is a machine on the ' face rejuvenation RF as well as the Palomar-rejuvenation.

Camera Palomar-resistant, micro-processor control, a series of tools and element-cooler to the skin, sending the beams, which is a quite dense grid.

The technique of RF-rejuvenation facilitates the penetration of the laser beams to a deeper layer of the epidermis which are exposed to thermal effects of RF energy, which is exactly heating a problem area in test face.

Advantages, disadvantages, procedure

The return of the following disadvantages:

  • not just the wrinkles smoothed out in this way;
  • duration of procedure in case of serious defects, one, skin, treat wounds three times a week within no less than hat art;
  • painful procedure;
  • a inability the procedure in the presence of the lesions on the skin;
  • long-term recovery of a skin;
  • the ban of the sunlight after the procedure;
  • strong effect on the skin, the-a hard to bear;
  • a high cost of pécs or the propeller.

Advantages of laser treatment:

  • efficiency – noticeable results are visible immediately;
  • versatility – a method suitable for any skin types;
  • security risk issues in the implementation of all recommendations minimum;
  • no need for surgical intervention.

Why do we need fractional resurfacing?

Fractional skin rejuvenation is used in cases when you don't have to be subjected to the processing of a large area of the skin.

With the aim of finally breaking resurfacing using the erbium gentle. The manufacturers of medical equipment began to produce compact devices which allow this manipulation at home.

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The indications for the procedure

The technique is capable to rejuvenate, wrinkles, age spots, and small scars.

Before the procedure, tart, visit a dermatologist, but even better, fill in the full scan.

The laser skin rejuvenation are:

  • moderate to deep wrinkles;
  • a presence of uneven colouring or pigmentation of the skin;
  • the pores;
  • the presence of a surface wound may appear after acne or stretch marks.

What is the one of the biorevitalizatsiya?

A the rejuvenation of the skin of the face, the test by exposure of hyaluronic acid to the deepest layers of the skin.

  • The point is, it's a technique. The epidermis problem is a test applied to a part of a certain amount of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which means that the to the basal layer of the skin.
    A method of laser biorevitalisation is reduced to the non-injection introduction of a special hyaluronic acid.
  • What you need to change the structure of the hyaluronic acid, which was originally a high-molecular compound? The fact that a high molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate the thick skin of human due to the complexity of a structure of a molecules, which are long chains have. Structured acid getting a low molecular weight acquires the ability to easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin.
  • Procedure for the implementation of a mesotherapy applies the infrared the effect, which is a low intensity.
  • Thank you for your help the laser structured hyaluronic acid easily reaches the lower layers of the skin, alternately and evenly to fill to overcome the layers. The leather That is not heated, after biorevitalisation starts to pull off, and I'm not afraid to UV exposure.
  • In order to facilitate the delivery of hyaluronic acid in the problem areas of the skin, the upper layers of the epidermis soft means that a hot compress, then perform the easy cleaning to scrub. Who start the procedure of laser biorevitalisation, is applied to the cleaned skin with a special chemical composition of structured hyaluronic acid, and collagen.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation method biorevitalisation feature an update of the skin faster, since the depth effect of the skin structure.

The biorevitalizatsiya:

  • The biorevitalizatsiya is performed to rejuvenate the face, neck, décolleté, and other parts of the body, whose skin is covered in wrinkles of varying severity, characterized by increased laxity, or a drought, scars, stretch marks, and presents the symptoms of photoaging (a main culprit which is excessive sunburn).
  • Contraindications it is merely a procedure the allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid, or tumors of any origin. You don't need to do, as well as pregnant women.

A possible consequences of hidden dangers

contraindications procedure laser face rejuvenation

A compliance with, the return in rules to use, no complications, a device that is not mist any. However, any deviation from the instructions is full of such undesirable consequences as:

  • in the event of burns of different degree;
  • ulcer;
  • a withering away of the skin.

Any contraindications to procedure, the ' face rejuvenation?

Contraindications a the ' face rejuvenation is.

Here are the worst of them:

  • Cancer.
  • Diabetes, of any type.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system, section of acute.
  • Various diseases of blood a that the is not enough of a blood clotting.
  • Colds, and disease of viral origin accompanied by increased body temperature.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • A serious body of herpes, or the presence of herpes lesions on one area of a proposed zone of impact.
  • Pustular rash on the skin.
  • Late pregnancy and period of breastfeeding the baby.
  • Mental illness disorders.
  • Thank you very much.
  • High blood pressure, low blood pressure.
  • A 17 years of age (due to the possible risk of violation of the structure of a skin), and after 60 years (due to deceleration of the recovery process).
  • The latter doctrine.

Caring for skin after the

After Each meeting a skin should be taken care of. At this time the cells aktiviziruyutsya recovery processes.

2 weeks, let us not forget the app is moisturizing and the cream is a hyaluronic acid, masks on the basis of hyaluronate.

Apply the cosmetic face permitted a day or other, but I'm sure going to be easy, not greasy composition. But a coat peels and to forget, while the skin didn't fog to return to the natural color.

The appearance of hyperpigmentation protects the creams, the sun's rays – ezek mandatory, especially because after the procedure the skin is sensitive to UV-light.

Speed up the recovery process, use the vitamins, strengthening effect, a boiled wash ozonized water, a walk in the fresh air.

High supply, the skin after the return will help to maintain the positive results obtained from this procedure.

Possible effects of rejuvenation

In addition to the weight of a positive aspects of laser skin rejuvenation is side effects. Occasionally observed:

  1. Experience mild itching.
  2. Education is very bright red spots in the impact zone a in the.
  3. Activation of the herpes virus.
  4. Violation of the integrity of the skin: a peeling, burns, the appearance of the bark.

The vast majority of cases ezek the symptoms disappear in a few days.

A very rare groups of patients (slightly more than 4%) the procedure is the laser resurfacing of the face provoked the appearance of the following negative points:

  1. Skin prone to seborrhea, and covered with white blisters (a Milia).
  2. A procedure left scars or keloid scars.
  3. The skin began to produce pigment, which is the hyper pigmentation.
  4. It was a aggravation of herpes, and increased rash (despite the prevention).

Negative aspects of the hardware techniques

Like most treatments, laser methods, advantages, and disadvantages. Negative side:

  1. The ' face rejuvenation is not able to cope with the wrinkles.
  2. A device to perform only a superficial wrinkles.
  3. If there are scars they will be treated several times, the treatment sessions are divided into 3 laser treatments hat a one-month interval.
  4. The healing is long, more than 2 weeks, the skin healed. At this time forbidden to appear one day. A process shall Be to the sections of the laser treatment special creams, ointments.
  5. Many don't patients feel pain, but it doesn't help the pain relievers.
  6. If there are skin lesions (e.g. acne), the procedure of laser rejuvenation is delayed.