Conduct and features of fractional photothermal appointment

The youthfulness and attractive appearance of the skin can be maintained with the use of a complex of complementary drugs, the regulation of received physical activity and a balanced diet. However, with age, the skin changes, the elasticity of the skin loses, wrinkles become more and more. And such a modern method of skin resurfacing, which contributes to the fastest elimination of the external manifestations of age-related changes such as fractional photothermolysis, is becoming increasingly popular today due to its effectiveness. high results, a relatively small number of possible negative consequences from use and availability.

Method concept

The use of lasers has long helped to stimulate processes in the skin, maintaining the attractive appearance and youthfulness of the skin. With fractional photothermolysis, a laser beam is also used, which acts on the skin as a spot and stimulates metabolism, restoring and eliminating signs of aging. Point contact, due to which the temperature of the skin and adjacent tissues increases significantly, which allows you to achieve a markedly positive result.

The presence of a point effect against the background of relatively large areas of untreated skin allows to minimize the recovery time. This is due to the close proximity of the intact epithelium, which, as it grows, favors good healing of sites that have undergone laser treatment. And the topical treatment does not affect the skin more, and at the same time gives a markedly positive result by stimulating the damaged areas.

Such microscopic areas of damage, also known as pyrolysis, allow you to stop the irreversible processes of the skin of its nature, get rid of age spots, wrinkles and other defects. At the same time, used for the past 10 years, the method in question has proven to be completely safe and with a high degree of effectiveness.

Its types

There are several methods that are considered to be in contact with the skin, which allows you to choose such an option that will more effectively remove the traces of time on the skin of the face. After all, it is the face that is susceptible to atmospheric phenomena, to heat, cold and wind, as well as to drying and exposure to cosmetic preparations.

The following types of effects are used in cosmetology using fractional laser skin rejuvenation:

  • eyelid rejuvenation treatment- for the implementation, a spot effect of the lowest power laser beam is used, since the eyelid skin is prone to fading faster and increased sensitivity. This procedure requires considerable experience by a specialist performing fractional photothermolysis of the eyelids;
  • Fractional photothermolysis for the facealso requires more precision in the process, with its help a laser beam is directed at the skin area of the face. At the same time, quickly erase deep wrinkles, stimulate the metabolism on the facial skin, so that you can achieve obvious positive results after the first few applications of the course;
  • Fractional photothermolysis for scarsallows you to remove the severity and roughness of the callus, stimulates the production of collagen, a substance that sheds the surface of the skin and makes the fish less noticeable;
  • non-dissection methodbased on minimal skin contact to ensure maximum skin integrity and safety. The non-ablative (meaning minimal exposure) method is used to remove superficial and minor age spots, acne, minor comedones, and scars;
  • ablative methodAllowed exposure in the shortest possible time to eliminate the manifestations of visible age spots, reduce the intensity of acne. The peculiarity of its use is that it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin, which allows to obtain the most visible results for the elimination of skin damage, age-related changes: blemishes, scars, spotsturtle.

As a non-invasive method of skin contact, fractional photothermia does not pose a threat to human health: does not penetrate under the skin, recovers quickly after a course of treatment, and avoids the risk of infection with other diseases. when using other skin rejuvenation methods.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any other procedure for impacting the facial skin, fractional photothermolysis has a number of features, advantages and disadvantages. However, in the opinion of the majority of those who have used the rejuvenation method, it is considered to be the superiority that allows us to classify fractional photothermolysis as the most effective and least side effects of the rejuvenation procedure. skin chemistry.

Main advantage

The main advantages of the method under consideration include the absence of a negative effect on the treated skin area due to the exclusive point action of the laser beam: with a larger laser impact zone, the skin loses quality, The skin becomes prone to wrinkles as the skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity. In addition, the following characteristics should be considered advantages over fractional photothermal skin rejuvenation methods:

  • minimal tissue damage;
  • the ability to choose the exposure option - for example, when treating the skin of the eyelids, it is recommended to use a lower power of the laser beam, when dealing with scar tissue - a larger power;
  • there is almost zero risk of subcutaneous infection due to skin damage;
  • rapid manifestation of the positive results of the action already taken;
  • the comfort of the procedure with minimal pain;
  • a short period of rehabilitation;
  • the possibility of using this method even from the age of 16.

In addition, the advantages of the method under consideration include the possibility of creating an individual program for the use of fractional photothermal, its use to solve a specific problem. For example, when treating scarred skin, post-burns and age spots. The listed advantages of fractional photothermolysis make it possibly the most frequently used compared to other laser and other exposure methods of rejuvenation.

before and after 1 . photo laser fractional rejuvenation

Possible side effects

Possible side effects include the following after fractional photothermolysis:

  • skin redness treatment;
  • the formation of areas of increased skin sensitivity;
  • the appearance of parts of the skin prone to the formation of superficial scars.

The side effects listed are usually formed when treating hypersensitive skin. These should pass within a few weeks of the procedure.

Indication for

Indications for this procedure should be considered skin conditions and diseases:

  • the presence of pronounced pigmentation, especially pronounced with age, pigmentation of the skin;
  • treating scars caused by surgery or removing deep acne;
  • with pronounced wrinkles on the face, age-related changes in the skin in the form of loss of elasticity, hypopigmentation;
  • with the appearance of pronounced swelling of the skin of the eyelids and face;
  • in the presence of traces of burns, scars, stretch marks.

The listed indications can be supplemented by the appearance on the surface of the skin of benign neoplasms in the form of moles, warts, with deep penetration into the upper layer of the epidermis.


However, there are some situations where the mentioned cosmetic procedure is contraindicated.

  • These are malignant neoplasms of the skin, the presence of tumor processes in the body, as well as inflammatory processes in the acute phase.
  • With exacerbations of psoriasis, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in childhood, fractional photothermolysis is contraindicated.

Prepare for the procedure

Before performing this skin rejuvenation procedure, you should stop taking antidepressants, antibacterial drugs, cytostatics. There should be no increased physical and emotional stress just prior to the start of fractional photothermolysis.

Before using the laser, the patient's skin is thoroughly cleaned, removing traces of dirt, cosmetics. Two weeks before the expected date of exposure, you should completely abandon the use of cleaning agents such as exfoliants, exfoliants. It is also not recommended to use drugs in the preparatory phase containing glycolic and salicylic acids, retinol increases the degree of skin sensitivity.

Fractional laser removal of stretch marks

Algorithm for fractional photothermal process

The algorithm for conducting fractional photothermolysis is the same for all its varieties, the preparation includes the list of operations above, followed by compliance with all the requirements presented forpatient by the specialist performing the procedure.

Medical centers and facilities perform fractional laser skin rejuvenation with the application of a preliminary local anesthetic to cleansed facial skin. A preparative agent is then applied to the treated surface to facilitate the sliding of the device.

When treating the skin, a special nozzle is used, which gives the greatest effect to the upper layer of the epidermis. The laser beam penetrates the skin, smoothes the skin surface, regulates metabolism in the skin, eliminates the rapid formation of scar tissue.

Treatment is done in the form of a mesh with a step of about 2 cm, the treatment time is from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the area of the lesion and the locality of the treatment area.

At home, this type of cosmetic skin treatment is not performed.

Possible consequences and complications

  • When performing fractional photothermolysis, complications such as redness of the treatment area may occur, a few itchy rashes appear, which quickly pass and leave no trace.
  • With the entry of the infection into the processing areas, it is very likely that an additional cluster of diseases will enter, however, this is very rare.

Recovery and aftercare

After the procedure, you should try to avoid an increase in stress for a while, both physically and psychologically. This is your last chance to undergo the rehabilitation phase as soon as possible, avoiding possible side effects. You should also regularly see a dermatologist, who will prescribe the necessary supportive and restorative treatments.


The price of a fractional photothermolysis course varies depending on the medical facility's pricing policy. The cost usually includes a consultation during the rehabilitation period.

before and after 2 . photo laser fractional rejuvenation


According to those who have applied the technique under consideration for the removal of facial imperfections, fractional photothermolysis is not inadvertently considered one of the most advanced skin care procedures: a high degree of effectiveness. , results show up quickly and keep for a long time. Time makes it possible to eliminate the most obvious manifestations of age-related changes.

A relatively small number of side effects can occur after using this skin modification method, the minimum number of cases of contraindications to its implementation are also noted by patients and doctors.

Where can you get this treatment?

All major medical centers offer fractional photothermolysis; there are such centers in big cities.