Facial rejuvenation method: hardware aesthetics

hardware facial rejuvenation

Almost every woman wants to be beautiful all the time. Special cosmetic techniques are applied to help preserve the youthfulness of the face. The salon procedure is active and non-surgical.

The non-surgical technique is an effective, simple technique that does not require lengthy preparation stages and recovery time. There are injection methods to restore the beauty of the skin (mesotherapy, ozone therapy) and hardware techniques. Let's take a closer look at ways to take care of yourself through devices. Hardware methods of facial rejuvenation in cosmetology include:

  • laser rejuvenation (resurfacing and fractional methods);
  • optical rejuvenation;
  • temperature;
  • ELOS rejuvenation;
  • microdermabrasion.

Each method is good in its own way, designed to solve a specific skin problem. Modern, conventional harvesters combine several principles, thus improving efficiency. Many salon equipment is available for stand-alone use in domestic environments at home or while traveling.

Description of home salon methods

Professional skin rejuvenation is possible not only in specialized salons. It is no less effective to carry out special procedures at home. For this purpose, special devices are used - the operation is simple and understandable. The devices are used to clean, regenerate, lift, remove wrinkles. Depending on the problems that exist, a certain unit should be used. It is possible to distinguish basically different home facial rejuvenation devices, which differ in how they work:

  • microcurrent stimulation- Serves to enhance blood circulation, metabolism, normalize cells, increase muscle tone;
  • radio frequency emission- By electromagnetic energy, regenerative mechanisms are activated on the skin, wrinkles, defects, scars are reduced, color is more even, oval shape is improved;
  • use lasers- Thanks to the positive effect, the process of cell regeneration is initiated, wrinkles are eliminated, face lifting;
  • ultrasonic action- ultrasonic waves reach the deep layers of the dermis, which contributes to the regeneration of youth, skin lifting occurs;
  • hardware peeling- an effective way to remove sebum, impurities, acne, restore color and tone;
  • Deep clean facial skin- by special equipment (vacuum), the pores are cleaned, thus the natural appearance of young cells.

Advantages of hardware aesthetics at home

The use of facial rejuvenation devices at home is a very simple and convenient exercise. Thanks to the existence of mobile devices, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • convenience when performing facial rejuvenation operations;
  • save time on the road;
  • secure funding;
  • Your ability to care for your skin at home, on the go, anywhere in the world.

Effective devices for rejuvenation

Regular use of special devices for rejuvenation is an effective way to eliminate the signs of aging, as well as slow down the appearance of new layers, restore the lost tone of the skin, improve the colorsharpen and remove wrinkles at different depths. There is a wide selection of personal care products for home use. Let's analyze how some of them work.

Laser rejuvenation machine

This is a unique home facial rejuvenation device. Provides a more affordable alternative to fractional laser exposure. The device generates radiation that reaches the deep layers of the dermis, promoting the formation of elastin, natural collagen. As a result, the skin is regenerated from the inside out. The natural result is smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead and nose. There is a noticeable rejuvenation of the areas where the work has been done.

To use the device, you need to do the following:

  • Cleanse the skin of impurities;
  • apply a special gel to the treatment area;
  • turn on the machine, select the desired intensity mode;
  • carry the reaper along the path of imitation.

Some redness may occur after the procedure - this is normal. After 30 minutes, the irritation should disappear. To achieve visible results, the procedure should be performed 5 times a week for 12 weeks. The average time of each operation is 3-4 minutes.

Any woman can use the product. It can be easily adjusted to the right intensity to achieve the desired results.

Facial skin rejuvenation machine with electrophoresis function 4 in 1

The 4-in-1 massager is an effective at-home facial rejuvenation device based on electric current. In addition, the hand-held harvester has a vibration massage function. Thanks to microcurrent therapy, the useful components of cosmetic products get into the deep layers of the dermis. In this case, the positive and negative ions "open the gates of the cells. " As a result, the cells receive maximum nutrition and hydration. This phenomenon is called iontophoresis. Moreover, the device also promotes the production of natural elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin becomes visibly rejuvenated, even-toned, wrinkles disappear, contours are firmed.

The device can operate in four different programs:

  • wash- Vibration mode is turned on, while removing dead cells, sebaceous gland products, detoxification is carried out;
  • Massage- the vibration function enhances blood flow, normalizes metabolism, effectively moisturizes and tightens the skin;
  • dish- Thanks to the electric current, "iontophoresis" is initiated, the cells receive nutrients, the work of blood vessels is normalized;
  • lifting galvanic- Effectively combats signs of facial aging, free radicals, removes deep wrinkles, eliminates sagging and laxity.

Recommended use in combination in courses. There are two intensity modes - you can choose the optimal action for you. The device is easy to learn and operate. It is recommended to use special cosmetic products for more pronounced effects.


Myostimulator is a unique facial rejuvenation massage device at home. The unit with the help of electrical stimulation has a positive effect on all muscle groups. Adhesive gel electrodes are attached to the skin, resulting in muscle irritation. The device is attached for convenient, hands-free training. Without much effort visible, the deep layers of the dermis are restored, blood and lymph flow is activated. There is a noticeable rejuvenation due to the latent reserves of the body.

The massager can be used in three programs:

  • Elevate- intensive muscle training, as a result lost tones are restored, contours are balanced, wrinkles disappear;
  • color improvement- a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, normalizing blood circulation, thereby improving the general appearance of a woman;
  • Massage- Promotes relaxation of muscles, reducing their spasms, which in turn, reduces expression lines and new wrinkles appear much more slowly.

To get a noticeable effect from using a muscle stimulator, you need to use it 5 times a week. The improvement will be visible after 8 weeks of regular practice. The device is simple to use, can choose one of the intensity modes.