Skin rejuvenation

hardware skin rejuvenation procedure

No matter how many experts claim that aging is a natural process, accompanied by structural and functional changes in organs, systems and tissues, few are willing to accept these changes. changes are taking place in the body. That's why skin rejuvenation is one of the hottest trends in modern cosmetology.

Skin aging: Who is the cause and what to do?

One of the main causes of skin aging is the decline in the synthesis of skin elastic fibers and the weakening of the collagen framework, which helps maintain shape and maintain adequate tissue turnover. During aging, in addition to slowing down the synthesis of elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycans, fibroblasts are damaged, all layers of the skin become thinner, and lipid peroxidation products of cell membranes are reduced. accumulate.

There are many devices on the cosmetic market that are used for different methods of skin rejuvenation. The esthetician's best tool in today's battle against age-related changes is the laser skin rejuvenation device.

The mechanism of action of laser skin rejuvenation involves the stimulation of neoplasia under the influence of laser radiation and the activation of metabolic processes in all layers of the skin. Therefore, laser rejuvenation is directed at the cause of skin aging symptoms), and is not a symptomatic treatment to combat age-related changes in the skin, helping the skin to become younger. look healthy, well taken care of.

Laser skin rejuvenation

Depending on the needs of the target audience, as well as the choice of problem-solving method (improvement of skin texture, smoothing facial wrinkles, even skin tone, anti-pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, removal)blood vessels, etc. ), the clinic can compare different laser devices for skin rejuvenation.

Fractional photothermal

This method is distinguished by its mild impact and safety, guarantees an excellent predictable result and is characterized by a short recovery time.

Dual wavelength fractional laser for rejuvenation is the best choice for customers who are just starting out with laser rejuvenation and are not ready for more aggressive treatments. The device allows you to perform the procedure on any part of the body, including rejuvenating the skin around the eyes and on the hands.

Fraxel combines superior exposure comfort and safety with the efficiency of powerful laser devices. The Fraxel device is capable of working on any skin model, on any part of the face and body with minimal indications and restrictions. Its indications are for the treatment of wrinkles (including around the eye sockets and around the mouth), the removal of sagging skin, the smoothing of the skin, the treatment of enlarged pores, and many other skin problems.

Cut off fractions

Powerful impact and the ability to solve the most difficult problems (including cosmetic and surgical) are the hallmarks of laser fractional ablation.

As a CO2 laser resurfacing and fractional resurfacing device, it delivers a deep and effective rejuvenating effect on the skin. It helps to correct not only age spots and static wrinkles, but also helps to eliminate various skin growths, scars and scars.

The most powerful CO2 laser on the market today, capable of smoothing deep wrinkles and scars. Thanks to its powerful and safe action, the device acts as a non-surgical alternative for the removal of hemangiomas, warts, papillomas, hyperkeratosis and other skin tumors. The ablation laser is also used to straighten scars and is highly effective due to its record depth of impact.