Wrinkles around the eyes? How to Smooth and Rejuvenate Eye Skin - 15 Amazing Masks

When taking care of your face, the eyes should not be ignored.Rejuvenate the skin around women's eyesWrinkles around the eyes begin to form after 30 years, and sometimes even earlier. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the skin care of this delicate area. This does not require special efforts, the main thing is regularity. Applying a mask to the skin around the eyes and self-massaging will help preserve youth and beauty, smooth the skin, and provide nutrients. Homemade face masks are a great way to smooth existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. Similar results can be achieved by systematically performing a simple massage complex.

Wrinkles around the eyes: prepare for the masking

Prepare the skin around the eyes before applying the mask
  • Prepare skin for use - remove makeup and cleanse.
  • Around the eyes, apply the mask, preferably in the evening, 1 hour before going to bed.
  • If the ingredients are new to you, you need to test them for possible allergic reactions. How? Read here.
  • If the mask is liquid, it is recommended to apply the mask with gentle patting movements. Alternatively, with a liquid consistency, cotton pads are impregnated with it and applied to the eyes.
  • The mask should be applied carefully so as not to stick to the mucous membranes - this can cause irritation.
  • When the product has been applied, you need to calm down, relax, rest during the procedure, the time to apply the mask from wrinkles around the eyes is about 15 minutes.
  • If you are using contact lenses, remove them before applying the mask.
  • After applying the mask, you need to use eye cream or milk.
  • To achieve results, masking must be done regularly, every 3 days.
  • The composition of the mixtures should be changed periodically so that the skin does not get "accustomed to the drug".
  • It is necessary to remove the mask carefully with a cotton pad. It is better to soak the plate with warm milk, decoction of chamomile, linden, rose hip. You can also use warm mineral water. Do not pull or stretch the skin around the eyes when removing the mask.

Wrinkles around the eyes - how to remove: recipes

Looking for a recipe to make a mask to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

Green sour cream mask

Grind a bunch of fresh parsley leaves into porridge. 1 teaspoon mix with 2 teaspoons. sour cream and apply to the skin around the eyes, you can cover it with a cotton pad. Remove with a cotton pad soaked in warm milk. This blend nourishes, smooths and moisturizes.

Parsley is a great remedy

Cut fresh parsley leaves, squeeze out the juice and soak cotton pads with it. Apply on eyes. Perfect relieve fatigue, refreshing, eliminate swelling.

Potato, milk and flour mask

Grate 1 potato. 2 teaspoons mix gruel with 2 teaspoons. warm milk and 2 teaspoons MSG. flour. Blend until smooth, gently apply to closed eyes and cover with cotton pad. This mask moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes wrinkles and reduces swelling.

Honey and Oatmeal

This ingredient perfectly smoothes wrinkles around the eyes:

You need to take ½ teaspoon of liquid honey. and mix with ½ tsp. oatmeal. Carefully wash the raw egg, separating the yolk from the protein. Then puree the yolk with a mixture of honey and oatmeal. Apply the resulting mixture to the skin around the eyes.

For edema and wrinkles: aloe and cucumber

aloe vera and cucumber to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

Preparation for this mask: cut off the bottom part of the aloe vera, keep it in the refrigerator for 7 days.

To squeeze the juice from the aloe leaves, you will need 2 tbsp. l. Mix aloe vera juice with 2 tbsp. l. fresh cucumber juice. Dip cotton pads with liquid and apply to the eyes: an excellent remedy for edema and wrinkles, while perfectly nourishing and regenerating.

Wrinkles around the eyes - banana and cream

Blend 1/2 ripe banana with 1 teaspoon of MSG. fat cream. Apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes: smoothen crow's feet, nourish and moisturize

Carrots and apples to smooth wrinkles

Puree 1/2 fresh carrot and half a sweet apple. Mix everything, add 3-4 drops of vitamin E. Apply the resulting mixture to a bandage or gauze and gently apply to closed eyes. Perfectly nourishes, smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes.

Cucumber, aloe and anti-wrinkle oils to enhance contour

The following ingredients will help tighten, strengthen the skin, make it more elastic and remove wrinkles:

Grate half a fresh cucumber on a fine grater and mix with 1 teaspoon of MSG. aloe vera juice and 10 drops of wheat germ oil. Place the resulting mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Then apply evenly to the skin around the eyes, starting from the outer corner to the inner corner. Rinse with warm mineral water.

Kelp oil and almond oil to smooth wrinkles

Almond oil for wrinkles around the eyes

Kelp powder in the amount of 30 gr. Dilute with warm broth of calendula and let it swell. After the mixture has bloomed, filtered, add 12 drops of almond oil. Then, gently with fingertips "drive" into the skin around the eyes according to the massage line. Best left overnight to dry. This ingredient perfectly smooths wrinkles, firms and moisturizes.

Firming, with botox effect

Collect the top nettle leaves, about half of the packaging plastic bag. Pour boiling water over the leaves, cut them finely (to the tough). Mix nettle with 1 tbsp. l. liquid honey and 1 tbsp. l. sour cream. We mix all the ingredients, apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes. An excellent remedy for tightening, preventing sagging and smoothing wrinkles.

Green tea decoction and rosehip cure edema

Brew green tea and steam rose hips. Of course, we do all of these separately. Let it brew. Then put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. After taking it out of the fridge, put 2 tablespoons in a porcelain bowl and mix well. l. green tea and rosehip broth. Thoroughly dip cotton pads with this mixture, squeeze gently so they don't spread, and place over closed eyes.

The product reduces swelling and fatigue very well.

Flaxseed oil and vitamins for small wrinkles: "crow's feet"

flaxseed oil for small wrinkles around eyes

Take vitamin E and natural flaxseed oil with 1 tsp. and mix. Gently massage around your eyes with your fingers. After 60 minutes, blot excess oil with a napkin.

This mixture smoothes fine lines, nourishes the skin of the eyelids.

Glycerin to smooth wrinkles

1 teaspoon mix flour with ½ tbsp. l. water, mix well, add 5 ml of glycerin, carefully grind again. Apply the resulting composition to the eye area. After 15 minutes. Carefully rinse off the residue with warm mineral water.

Sea buckthorn oil with oil to nourish and smooth wrinkles

Wash eggs carefully, separate the yolk to clean the protein. We will need the yolk. Instead of chicken, you can take two quail eggs. Beat the yolks, blend with 1 teaspoon of MSG. sea buckthorn oil and apply to eyelids and around the eyes. Rinse with warm water.

The "magic" oil blend will remove wrinkles around the eyes

Take an equal amount - 12 drops of the following oils: almond, burdock, wheat germ oil, and the same amount of vitamins A and E. Mix all these and brush around the eyes in a massaging manner. After 15-20 minutes, blot off any remaining oil with a napkin.

Smoothes wrinkles, nourishes the skin and makes it more elastic.

Anti-wrinkle eye massage

Massage around eyes to smooth wrinkles

The promised bonus is an at-home wrinkle-removal massage. The complex is simple but effective with regular use.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed of impurities and makeup. Hands should also be clean.

For a massage, choose a quiet place where no one will be distracted and there will be an opportunity to relax.

Repeat each movement 7 times.

Relax your eye muscles

  • Close your eyes, count to 5, then open them wide.
  • Rotate your eyes in a clockwise circle.
  • Use the pads of 3 fingers: index, middle, and ring fingers to perform percussion movements around the eyes. Start moving from the outer corner of the eye inward, then move to the upper eyelid and move to the outer corner of the eye. That is, in a circle with slight tapping, go under the eyes and along the upper eyelid.

From crow's feet

Press your fingertips firmly into the wrinkled area and at the same time close your eyes tightly. When you count to five, open your eyes and relax.

Open your eyes wide and in this position count to 5, then, without relaxing, close your eyes for the same count.

Using the fingers of one hand, carefully lift the upper lid, and with the middle and ring fingers of the other hand, press firmly on the "crow's feet" area and pull it down slightly. At the same time, blink vigorously 10-15 times.

To end for relaxation

  • Fold your palms together in a "boat" shape and cover your eyes with your hands. In this case, the fingers rest on the forehead, and the eyes are covered with the "boat". While doing this exercise, you need to completely relax and feel how the warmth of your palms is transferred to your eyes.

So, with the help of simple exercises and a mask made from simple, affordable ingredients, you can erase wrinkles around your eyes and prevent new ones from forming. The main thing in this process is regularity. Massage is desirable to perform 2 times a day, applying a mask once every 3 days. Using these tips, you'll look great in your 40s or 50s.